Critical Update for all Mobile Users

A new mobile app has been deployed via Mobile Iron to the field beginning on Monday, April 30th 2018. The deployment will take a few days to update on all of the phones. This update will affect all CyCop Mobile end users. They will no longer log into the mobile app using their CyCop PIN and the last four digits of their SSN. Their new login will match their established Web Login containing a username and password combination.

New Users:

Existing Users:

For example, for an employee named John Smith with a last four of his SSN being 1234, he will be able to log into the web as well as the mobile app now using the following:

Username: jsmith234
Password: 1234

This user will be prompted to update his password upon initial log in.

Any users who run into trouble should contact CyCop support by emailing They must provide their employee ID and clearly state that they are having difficulty logging into the mobile app.